Dulwich2Dunkirk: Non-league football fans in solidarity with refugees

We are a group of football fans primarily supporters of Dulwich Hamlet FC. Last year, we decided we wanted to do something to support the people stuck in makeshift camps in northern France, particularly those in Dunkirk and Calais.

Since then we’ve held a number of successful donation drops, visited France a multiple times to deliver vital aid to people living in the squalid conditions in the camps and welcomed new arrivals to Dulwich Hamlet matches.

At the time of writing this, there around around 1000-1200 people living in the Dunkirk camp. This includes many families with young children and pregnant women.

We have decided that we’d like to do a lot more to support the people in Dunkirk. They have nothing like the support, volunteers and donations that Calais does.

They have very little in the way of warmth or shelter. Hunger is also rife in the camp.

We are collecting donations such as blankets, sleeping bags, blankets and food. Get in touch with us to arrange a drop off

We will also need support to transport the donations and to buy food and other much needed items locally. Contribute to our fundraiser

Get in touch:
Follow us on twitter @dulwich2dunkirk
Email us: Dulwich2Dunkirk at gmail . com

More info:
Watch a video about our collection on the Guardian website.

Read about our first trip on the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust website.


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Non-league fans in solidarity with refugees Follow us on Twitter @dulwich2dunkirk

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