Dulwich2Dunkirk gets up to speed on the UK asylum system

Recently Dulwich2Dunkirk and, human rights charity, Right to Remain came together for a workshop on supporting people through the UK asylum system.

Held at DIY Space for London, the workshop provided an overview of the asylum process and how to best support people seeking the right to remain in the UK.

Right to Remain works with groups across the UK supporting people to establish their right to remain with dignity, safety and humanity, and to challenge the injustice of the immigration and asylum system.

Right to Remain Coordinator, Michael Collins, said: “The workshop was the first of a new programme of workshops to link up Dunkirk/Calais volunteering with supporting newly arrived refugees as they start the asylum process in the UK.

“The government have announced further measures to make it even harder for refugees to apply for sanctuary in the UK. Our work is all about practical solidarity, self help and mutual aid, to overcome the barriers to justice.”

Since September 2015, Dulwich2Dunkirk has been supporting refugees in the camps northern France and further afield. During that time many camp residents have arrived in the UK and some have looked to us for support and advice. This workshop was a first step in ensuring that we can provide the appropriate levels of support to new arrivals including sign posting to specialist services.

Dulwich2Dunkirk co-founder, Nisha Damji, said: “With more and more of our friends from the camps making it over to the UK, it’s incredibly useful to be part of this workshop and to have access to resources such as the Right to Remain Toolkit. It’s essential reading for anyone going through the system and those that support them.”

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